OpenSkyscraper - Open source tower simulation game inspired by SimTower.


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This is the experimental restart branch of OpenSkyscraper.
You are welcome to join in the experiments, put forward suggestions or supply your own experimental code!
How to try stuff
After you've cloned the repository, run git submodule update --init . inside your cloned repository so the submodules are loaded appopriately.
To build the game, create a directory build and run $ cmake .. from within. Check that you have all the necessary dependencies installed by looking at the CMake output warnings/errors. Once your system checks out, run $ make to build, and $ ./OpenSkyscraper to launch the game. Observe the game's output carefully as it may contain some hints why stuff isn't working.
At the moment, you need a SIMTOWER.EXE installed somewhere on your system. The game searches a number of locations for this file. Check the WindowsNEExecutable.cpp.15, load: from .../SIMTOWER.EXE lines of output for a list of locations.
What is being tested?
Currently we're performing the following experiments and tests:
SFML as platform API (instead of SDL)
loads bitmaps, fonts and sounds directly from memory
modern C++ interface simplifies code
Coding Style
Add a copyright line in the top comment of each file you edit:
/* Copyright © 2010 John Doe
Copyright © 2013 Mark Mensk */
Everything resides in the OT namespace.
Source file names match the class names in capitalization, e.g. the class Application yields Application.{h|cpp} .
The directory hierarchy reflects the namespace hierarchy, so Math::Vector2D goes into Math/Vector2D.{h|cpp} .
There are some violations of this style left in the source. I'm working on getting rid of them.
General note on source files: Lowercase source files are likely to be outdated and removed in the future. They're probably there because they contain some working code snippet.