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Since I got Google Glass, I have been thinking more about how wearable computers and the Internet of Things offer a faster way to capture lots of content. For the past two weeks, I’ve been building a setup that would let me manage and share this content in an efficient manner.
This system lets me save my favorite tweets, bookmarks, videos, photos, status posts automatically on my blog. Not only this, but it can be used from any device. Once the content is saved on my blog, the posts put in a smart queue and shared to the right social sites.
Here’s how it works:
Part 1:
- My blog uses WordPress. I use the Postie plugin, which enables creating new blog posts via email.
- I setup a new Gmail account for my blog. Postie can use POP3 and only read posts from certain senders.
- I setup a new category in WordPress, as well as new tags for each kind of content I would like to use
- Once Postie picks up the emails and creates posts, they are ready to be picked up.
Part 2:
- I use the email sharing of various service to post to Postie
- I also use Ifttt to create recipes that will trigger various events. For example:
If I star a Tweet on Twitter
If I save an article to read later on Feedly
If I bookmark something on Pocket
If I save a video in a playlist on Youtube
If I upload a new video on Youtube
If I email a photo
- Then create a new blog post via email using Postie
- Each email is hand tweaked to look good. Ex: shows the content in the right place, has a good layout.
Part 3:
- I use Buffer to schedule post to my social profiles.
- You can post to Buffer via email (rather than using the Ifttt integration that only posts to one service)
- If a new post on my blog has a specific tag (ex: video), send an email to Buffer.
- Each email is hand tweaked to look good. Ex: uses correct titles, has a good layout.
Part 4: Google Glass:
- I use Fullscreen Beam to share videos I captured.
- I use Glass Feed ‘s custom RSS feed for status messages and photos to create emails that go to Postie.
- I use Ifttt and Buffer to share this content.
The result is a fully automated life blogging system that can capture and share any content from my life. Posts are queued in an intelligent manner, and look almost as good as if I shared them by hand. I can simply focus on finding and creating things I’d like to share with friends. I hope this inspires you to hack around as well!